Taurus february 17 horoscope 2020

Saturn can make you habitual of delaying things. Taurus Horoscope also unearths that you will have some stress during the starting of the year. This year you need to stay aware of your health as you might catch an infection in March. Stay away from a cough and cold. Make sure that you are not ignoring the importance of having good health. Are you living away from your home, then you need to take care of your health? You need to pay attention to your stomach. Avoid junk food so that you will not gain weight. Make sure that you practice Yoga on a daily basis.

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It will help if you regularly go on a walk. You may also think of donating blood. In September month, you will be overloaded with work. Make sure you don't miss the priorities. You might feel weak physically and mentally. It would help if you go out ona trip with your family and friends. It will make you feel good. If you have been suffering from diabetes or thyroid, then you need to take proper medication. Do not avoid the importance of timely treatment. You should also pay attention while driving as chances of accidents are there as per Taurus Horoscope According to Taurus Horoscope , this year you have to do a lot of hard work as you can get desired success by doing that.

Make sure that you are not following any short-cut. In March, you can get any new project and this will also help you to get more new projects.

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Horoscope also says that you need to maintain a great relationship with your employees as it will take you towards new success. In the month of May, you will not get many new opportunities and therefore you need to have patience. You have to wait till September and do not expect any sort of profit until that month. This year you will get more profit from the field such as Marketing and Finance. To get success in your job or business, you need to do a lot of hard work.

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This year you will have to work much harder but you will get success in your endeavours. In March, you can get a new project, which will help you get more projects.


Horoscope also says that you need to maintain a friendly relationship with your employees as it will take you towards further success. In May, you will not get many new opportunities, and therefore you need to have patience. You have to wait till September and do not expect any profit until that month.

This year you will get more profit from the fields such as Marketing and Finance. To get success in your job or business, you need to do much hard work. The starting of the month is better if you are in a job. If you have been looking forward to changing your job or applying for a higher designation, a female friend can help. If you are working under a women boss, you will share a great equation with her. Apart from it, all misunderstandings will get resolved in the month of April. If you are contemplating to change your job, you should go ahead in May or September as Saturn and Jupiter both will be in the retrograde state.

November is a promising month to you. Taurus Horoscope The people of Taurus Moon sign will enjoy new opportunities. This year you might get engaged in new work and will also taste success for sure. You will also find a new inclination towards learning a new language. After March, you might even get chosen for sports.

Moreover, this will be an essential period to get noticed by professors and teachers. You may also win a prize in sports because of your excellent performance. All you need to do is - put all your efforts and hard work to take out the best. If you left any of your courses in the middle, you may decide to complete it this year.

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According to Astrology predictions for Taurus in , you might not be able to emphasize on your studies because of your friends. Make sure that you are not distracted. Do make notes of your work on time otherwise; it may lead to failure.

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After September, you might have to go on a foreign trip to have higher studies. You will get success. To head towards a foreign city, you will need some extra money, and therefore your parents might have to borrow the required money from someone. Therefore you should not leave any stone unturned to make their dream come true. Taurus Horoscope This year you might argue with your family members due to some reasons.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope For February 2020

Moreover, tensions can be in your family. The best thing to get rid of all this is having a conversation with your family members and working your way out to solutions. By the end of September, your family will have peace and happiness as Rahu's impact on your house of family will be over. You may have a conflict with your elder siblings between May and September.

This year poses a lot of stress on your family life. There could be a struggle for your parental property. Things will be fine soon, but don't allow them to deteriorate. You might get a chance to visit pilgrims with your family. Moreover, this time you can create a great relationship with your parents. It would be best if you had a conversation with them about things on your mind.

Taurus Horoscope you need to be vigilant regarding your relationship. This leaves you quite vulnerable to an abduction by a tall, dark handsome stranger on holiday as the olden day books used to say. Well, it all depends on where you are travelling as it might equally be a petite Asian or leggy blond Swede…. Black Moon Lilith The majority of the year Lilith will be in Aries so we will take it from there when she enters there from Jan This means the witch will get extra witchy in your mystical zone, especially when Mars joins Lilith there from Jun 28 until Oct 20 Mars can bring inflammation, so if you do not give yourself enough TLC then illness could be the result.

Being ill forces you to slow down, but if you have really been abusing yourself you could be hospitalized! Venus retrograde your ruler Venus spends an extra long time in your house of cash and self-esteem. If you have been feeling poor and sorry for yourself at least you will get your mojo back along with the first daffodils of spring.

See them as happy wealth pentacles blossoming in your bank account…. Mars retrograde this year is in Aries which is really the antithesis of your own energy, plus will be spent in your 12th house of self-undoing where is can do some damage if you are not vigilant.