Capricorn horoscope march 6 birthday

Charming and magnetic, the March 6 Pisces has good people skills that also work well for them in the dating scene.

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As friends and lovers, those born on this day, are amusing company and know how to entertain their companions. They can be silly but they know how to inject just the right amount of levity into even the most dour and serious situations. For this reason, money can be a strong issue in their relationships.

They like to live it up and can sometimes over indulge themselves. Their lack of moderation can create tension in their relationships if they are not careful. The March 6 zodiac man or woman is also a romantic. They are more of a lover than a fighter can be a sucker for sappy displays of affection and romantic gifts. Although disputes and disagreements can arise, it is often the case that the March 6 Pisces man or woman will be the first to propose a compromise rather than an ultimatum. They try to be fair and conscientious of their partners needs and wants. They put a lot of effort into their relationships and maintaining a happy and loving home.

The significance of being born on the 6th day of the month endows the attributes of the number 6. The energy of this number is emotional and universal. Those born with a number 6 birthday are therefore compassionate and humanitarian in nature. Creative and full of idealism, the number 6 born individual is in possession of great vision and perspective.

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They have depth of feeling by which their actions are guided. Those born on this day are thus inclined towards being true to themselves and what their heart tells them.

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They do what feels right even if it appears irrational to others. Sensitive and observant, people born on a number 6 birthday are mirrors of their environment. They are both domestic and worldly and enjoy taking part in their community and social circles. They are loving and supportive of family and friends and often serve to encourage and inspire confidence with their words.

As a confidante and close friend, their counsel and advice is often valued and appreciated. The number 6 also suggests a personality with perfectionist tendencies and high personal standards. They have an eye for beauty, form and style and likely have good taste in clothing. These individuals are inclined to spruce up their surroundings and make their home and work spaces pleasant and aesthetic.

They value balance and harmony as an abiding principle in their lives.

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Their likely enjoy a number of positive relationships thanks in part to their friendly and diplomatic disposition. Volunteer work and charity is likely to appeal to them as they are very giving and generous individuals. Those with a number 6 birthday will likely be drawn to professions that indulge their creativity and visual sense. The world of art and design as well as careers in entertainment are bound to be of prime interest to them. They, however, may need to develop more confidence in themselves and their abilities before they can really tap into their potential.

Because of their caring nature, they may exhibit excessive and undue worry about the wellbeing of others to the extent that they become bothersome and annoying. With the sub influence of the Moon as the decanate ruler, the sun sign will carry some of the lunar qualities of Cancer. Heightened emotions and sentimentality are noted along with a strong urge to nurture and protect whatever they hold near and dear to their hearts. Although they may not show it, their feelings are easily hurt and wounded by any sign of rejection.

They protect themselves with a shell of toughness but those closest to them know what a softy they truly are. The moon imparts a stronger attachment to the past, family history and legacy in general. Individuals with this decan may come from close knit families and if not, it may be one of their deepest desires to have that in their lives. They are likely to form strong bonds with family and friends and they place a high premium on loyalty and emotional support. They can be both selfish and selfless but whatever they do, tends to come from the heart and what they believe is right.

Creating a family of their own is likely to be one of their life goals but will first desire to be in position where the can be a good provider for their family before they do so. With this decan, a good family life is a big part of what keeps them stable and grounded. There is an affinity to the feminine here that is even present in the men.

The males of this decan may feel a special closeness and understanding of women and may also feel more in touch with the feminine aspects of themselves. It is likely they identify with and enjoy the company of women more than men and will likely have more female friends as well. This is not to imply that they are any less masculine or effeminate, but simply that they really enjoy women and being near their nurturing, affectionate energy. Furthermore, those with this decan are disposed to being knights errant and highly chivalrous if they are male. Females take pleasure in doting on and taking care of their mates.

They are often happy to take on domestic roles provided they do not have a busy career to tend to.

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The males are often comfortable taking up domestic tasks as well to help out and they enjoy spoiling partners with romantic gestures and displays of affection. Michelangelo — Born: March 6, Julian cal. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.