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As unconventional guys, if they get a chance to show off talents, people of the January 24 can achieve great success. All of us have something that symbolically defines us, as our favourite colour or number; and this is also true for the people who celebrate their birthday on the January 24; they have some similarities in the case of the people who belong to the Aquarius sign, but there are some differences as well. They are under the rule of the planet Saturn, and many astrologers believe that this is the celestial body that has warm nature that is at the same time airy and windy — like their nature.

Saturn, symbolically casts a shadow, gives a sudden and sometimes aggressive life, but the representatives of this date also have visionary qualities — they can pronounce in the future. Also, Saturn provides them with the power of rapid and easy transformation, which is why they are known as thinkers, progressives and manipulators.

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They are also connected to the planets Venus and Uranus, and in one part these people belong to the smallest and warmest planet Mercury. In some way, people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 24 can symbolically be described as nature, tall trees and running water, and the human body. These events marked January 24 through history on good and bad ways, but they indeed leave a mark and make us remember them. These events were so influential that some of them are recognised hundreds and thousands of years later.

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In the year He was the megalomaniac that has entered history as one of the most corrupt Imperial personalities. In the year — About , people were killed in a strong earthquake in the province of Shaanxi, hundreds of objects and houses have been destroyed. This by a number of victims was one of the greatest natural catastrophes in the history of humanity.

They were suspected of criminal acts, including the assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. On the 29 January, Museveni was proclaimed a new head of state. In the year — King Hussein of Jordan signed a decree by which his eldest son Abdulah was appointed as his successor. In the year — The Conservative Party headed by Steven Harper won the parliamentary elections in Canada after 12 years of liberal rule. Admit it, how many times you showed interest in finding out who the famous person who is born on the same day as you are is?

Probably, many times; and you still do such thing, for sure.

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A good part of this article we dedicated to this topic — famous people born on the January Maybe sometimes these people can have losses because of this attitude, but it is definitely something that people of the January 24 would not change for anything in the world. Above all they are witty, smart, adventurous, never overly impulsive there is the difference between being excessively independent or jealous, not demanding or overly emotional.

Unmistakable they are craving for the excitement in their lives, as almost all Aquarius do.

They are best companions, lovers and friends with the people who show them proper respect and treat them as human beings in the first place, no matter on their social status. They always want to have something in the form of their knowledge or idea, because they fear they will lose identity. And the fact is that these people can never bond to one thing in life, their life and they themselves should live as they feel — free as birds.

Get your horoscope here on Addfate. Chart shows all of your characters in the zodiac, and describes the meaning and what they mean to you. Aquarius is inventive and a true innovator and they love to try new things.

Aquarius traits - What you need to know about Aquarius

Aquarius is an individualist who goes his own way so they do not always appreciate others' good advice. Aquarius is very broad-minded and tolerant and very few are so open-minded as a water-man. Aquarius is really Knowledge, they are extremely creative with many ideas and irons in the fire. Sometimes, however, Aquarius tends to become so engrossed in an idea or project that they forget the small and practical details.

January 24 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 2

Aquarius is often involved in human rights in society and turned gladly to different ideals and things. Among Aquarius are many freedom fighters and political activists rebels.

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Aquarius is very compassionate and has a great deal of compassion as well as they are very good judge of character. They literally love people and socializing even if they occasionally want to withdraw to have a moment for themselves. Aquarius is the fact both outgoing but quite closed on their own person and hard to get my soul. Aquarius is thus quite a complex personality, they are unpredictable, non-controversial but also very charming and friendly.

Aquarius is not a lot of togetherness as they need to feel free, but is Aquarius not bear to be alone so they are often drawn to the public or any other form of groups or associations where they can be involved and still his constant curiosity and quest for knowledge and truth, without having to come second too close to life.

Aquarius is fact despite their need for interaction is always a certain distance to other people, at least initially. Aquarius is often quite ambivalent when it comes to love relationships. Firstly, they have a strong need for closeness while they have a deeply rooted fear of committing oneself and also some need to be alone. They can therefore be quite cool in a relationship until they actually go into a deeper relationship where they can combine independence with a commitment to someone else, then it is usually very loyal and trustworthy.

Suitable careers: Author, speaker, lecturer, scientist, inventor, astronomer, social workers Sensitive body part: Vader and ankles. We can expect a busy year with quick victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romance.