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Libra rising in a return chart is also an indicator. If you have Libra rising in a solar return, find the lunar return after your birthday that also has Libra rising to hone in on the time frame for an important meeting. You can hone this down even further by noting what time of the year you will have Libra rising in the diurnal charts. Remember that if Venus and Mars are in the solar return, they are part of the year's transits.

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The tie to the midpoint is usually a conjunction. The opposition, square, semi-square or sesquiquadrate aspect might also indicate a relationship, but one that has an obvious set of challenges from the beginning.

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Progressed planets moving into the natal or progressed 7th house can coincide with important meetings, particularly if the planet is Venus or Mars or the Sun or Moon. Solar eclipses and New Moons in the natal or progressed 5th or 7th houses. An eclipse in the 5th or 7th house accentuates relationship matters. This is true even if you're already married. An eclipse can certainly challenge weak spots in a marriage if it falls in the 7th house.

A 5th house eclipse can indicate the birth of a child, a guarantee of changing any relationship. The New Moon is less potent than a New Moon solar eclipse. However, it may conjunct, oppose or square a progressed or directed planet, as well as a converse progressed or directed planet. In this case, it becomes a lightning rod for the matters of that planet.

If the planet is connected with the 5th or 7th houses, it will affect relationships. This also applies to planets in the solar return and the converse solar return. But Full Moons can bring things to fruition. A Full Moon Eclipse does not usually end a relationship, but it can change it significantly. Solar Return activated 2nd house. Some years back, I tested a large number of solar return charts of men for the year in which they married.

In most cases, it was the second house that was activated, no doubt acknowledging that most men were contemplating their changed financial picture upon marriage, and their role in supporting a family. This may not be the case now, as many households have two-career couples. But an activated SR 2nd house can occur in years of important meetings that lead to permanent unions. Mercury appears to be active where couples have a good understanding of one another.

While Venus and Mars may certainly attract and keep sparks going, Mercury contacts seem to be what keeps a relationship going once the sexual attraction has subsided. Progressed Mercury aspects seem to occur around the time that people meet who can become great friends, whether married or not.

A progressed Mercury conjunct the other person's Ascendant can be a major indicator of a long friendship. Activation of the progressed or natal Ascendant in either person's charts usually occurs at a meeting or during the year that the relationship is developing.

It is an old astrological axiom that no relationship ever becomes permanent unless there are significant aspects to the Ascendants of the involved individuals. However, the progressed Ascendant can often be part of this axiom. Frequently one meets significant others at equally significant progressed times.

The solar return Ascendant of a particular year falling in the 5th or 7th natal houses, or the natal Ascendant coinciding with the 7th house cusp Descendant in a solar return chart. The latter could be indicative of a major year regardless of whether a marriage or a romantic relationship takes place. The diurnal Ascendant and Descendant will conjunct the natal, progressed and directed planets once each year.

In addition, the 5 th and 7th house cusps of the diurnal chart will be conjuncting a progressed or directed planet at least once a year. The diurnals can be very revealing of specific days when some important meetings can occur. Nodal involvement in your own chart or with planets in someone else's.

While that can manifest on many different levels, it can also manifest in relationships. If you meet someone when either of you has progressed or directed planets conjunct the other's Nodal axis, you may feel instantly "connected" with this individual. I have noticed in some cases that South Node connections with planets in someone else's charts can occasionally manifest as long-term connections.

However, the individuals were not in constant contact with each other. One instance was of two people who managed to keep getting together every 10 years or so, coinciding with endings of marriages to other people.

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I put this in the "go figure" category. Diurnal Ascendants. This can be especially true if the diurnal is also conjunct a progressed, directed or natal planet or angle. There are a number of relationship chart options available on most software.

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The composite chart is probably the best known. It is composed of the combined midpoints of each person's planets and angles. I have not worked with this chart for prediction possibilities. I have heard other astrologers say that it is useful for understanding the purpose of the relationship.

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As mentioned earlier, it's not often that anyone has exact data for this chart. If you do have it, it can be as sensitive to transits, progressions and eclipses as any natal chart. Author's note: Since this book was written, I have heard of another technique similar to this. Move your own chart around so that 10 Taurus is on the Ascendant.

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Now you can tell what this person means to you," he says. This is a very useful chart. It can foretell a number of things about the marriage and, like the meeting chart, it is sensitive to transits and progressions. Example: A couple that I know married under a Moon-Pluto opposition.

It symbolized the constant struggle in their marriage between the bride and her mother-in-law, as they occupied the same household for many years. If, for example, you wish to have a diurnal chart for, say, Nov. All other data would be from your birth. You would set this date with the time of your birth, the place of your birth, and the time zone of your birth. You will have the same Ascendant, or close to it, each day of each year. But the transiting planets will be different, as will the progressed. So perhaps you have a diurnal Ascendant on Nov. But once every 12 years, transiting Jupiter will be conjunct that Ascendant.

Or you may have the progressed Sun or Progressed Moon conjunct that Ascendant. Or once every 84 years, you will have Uranus on the Ascendant! Those will be important days, and many can be significant for a relationship. The diurnal chart's house cusps will also conjunct progressed and directed planets throughout the year and can mark significant days. Because of the sensitivity of house cusps, I recommend using the Koch house system for diurnal charts. The ,word book is considered one of the most complete collections of astrology's forecasting techniques.

The excerpt included here is about relationships, with minor editing. Some additional thoughts have been added here by Michele Adler that were not in the original text. Published in: www. Author: As an English major at the University of Memphis, Michele became fascinated with the concept of astrology while reading Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. In , she began her formal study of astrology and has the professional accreditation of the American Federation of Astrologers.

She had a year career in corporate communications before retiring in After retirement, she wrote Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of Meaning , aimed at an audience of other astrologers. She also posts regularly in her astrology group on Facebook called Astrology Facebook Friends with over 5, members. She has a research focus on the degrees of the zodiac and is also a consulting astrologer with an international clientele.

Her website is www. IAM is for professionals astrologers, students of astrology and for all astrology lovers.

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