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You haven't gone too far. I'd love for you be released from the karma of your history so that you no longer have to repeat old patterns or feel weighed down by what happened to you once upon a time. I'd love for you to no longer have to answer to decayed traditions and outmoded commitments and lost causes.

I'd love for you to escape the pull of memories that tend to drag you back toward things that can't be changed and don't matter any more. Desire skews plans and sets forth unthought-of possibilities. The other half of the truth is that desire can also be a profoundly healing and rejuvenating force, and for the same reasons: it rearranges what we think we want, alters plans, and unleashes unthought-of possibilities. How does all this relate to you? From what I can tell, you are now on the cusp of desire's two overlapping powers.

What happens next could be upsetting or healing, disorienting or rejuvenating. If you'd like to emphasize the healing and rejuvenating, I suggest you treat desire as a sacred gift and a blessing. Is it true for you? Ellen added the following thoughts: so much of what we learn about love is taught by people who were too narcissistic or wounded to be able to love very well; and by people who didn't have many listening skills and therefore didn't know enough about us to love us for who we really are; and by people who love themselves poorly and so of course find it hard to love anyone else.

Is any of this applicable to what you have experienced, Sagittarius? If so, here's an antidote that I think you'll find effective during the next seven weeks: identify the people who have loved you well and the people who might love you well in the future—and then vow to learn all you can from them. In describing her writing process, she says, "Like a magpie, I am a scavenger of shiny things: fairy tales, dead languages, weird folk beliefs, and fascinating religions.

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Be alert for gleaming goodies and tricky delicacies and alluring treats. Use them to create new experiences that thrill your imagination. I believe the coming weeks will be an excellent time to use your magic and wiles to follow your bliss while wrangling with gods and rascals. I guarantee you that you'll have the potency you need to retrain yourself: so that you will more and more ask for specific things that can potentially be yours; so that you will more and more want a haven that can be your own.

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I don't like to be nagged and I scrupulously avoid nagging others. And yet now I will break my own rules so as to provide you with your most accurate and helpful horoscope. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you aren't likely to get what you truly need and deserve in the coming days unless you engage in some polite, diplomatic nagging. So see what you can do to employ nagging as a graceful, even charming art. For best results, infuse it with humor and playfulness. In the next three weeks, I invite you to try at least three of the following experiments.

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LEO July Aug. Trust it. Break an obsolete rule. Override a faded tradition.

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Call on your untapped power. Freelance, moonlight, diversify and expand. Manage your passions like a wizard! And be ready to act expeditiously when you get the big answer.

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Instead, go after it. Create it yourself, if necessary. When you recognize it, and realize you can reclaim it, your demeanor transforms. Your eyes brighten, your skin glows, your body language galvanizes.

A vivid hope arises in your imagination: how to make that once-lost, now-rediscovered power come alive again and be of use to you in the present time. LEO July Aug. You can be and should be as hip, cool, and groovy as you have been in a long time. I hope you will make an effort to understand yourself as your best teacher might understand you.

I hope you will find out how to summon more faith in yourself -- a faith not rooted in lazy wishes but in a rigorous self-assessment. Take maximum advantage of this opportunity to slowly and surely improve your skills.

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He made money by composing verses on demand. On one occasion, he was asked to write a stirring tribute to the victor of a mule race. He declined, declaring that his sensibilities were too fine to create art for such a vulgar activity. In response, his potential patron dramatically boosted the proposed price.

In a related matter: At least one breakthrough is in your imminent future. But this blessing is more likely to resemble a wrestle in the mud than a dance on a mountaintop. None of this should be a problem, however! I suggest you enjoy the rugged but interesting fun. Real love is hard work.

Romance, on the other hand, tends to be capricious and inconstant, often dependent on the fluctuations of mood and chemistry. Is there anything you could do about this crazy-making problem, Aquarius?

Free Will Astrology—Week Of May 9

Like could you maybe arrange for your romantic experiences to be more thoroughly suffused with the primal power of unconditional love? I think this is a realistic request, especially in the coming weeks. You will have exceptional potential to bring more compassion and spiritual affection into your practice of intimacy.

The traditional observances and ceremonies bequeathed to you by your family and culture may satisfy your need for comfort and nostalgia, but not your need for renewal and reinvention.

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Ready to conjure up a new ritual right now? Take a piece of paper and write down two fears that inhibit your drive to create a totally interesting kind of success for yourself.

Free Will Astrology: Taurus, open your mind to what awaits in 2015

ARIES March April 19 : According to my assessment of the astrological omens, your duty right now is to be a brave observer and fair-minded intermediary and honest storyteller. Your people need you to help them do the right thing. They require your influence in order to make good decisions. So if you encounter lazy communication, dispel it with your clear and concise speech.

If you find that foggy thinking has started to infect important discussions, inject your clear and concise insights. October 8, October 9, Oct 9, PM.