Astrology narendra modi horoscope

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Indian politics, of late, has become one of multi-party politics and no single party or person can form a government on his own therefore a lot hard work and arduous tasks are ahead of leading political figures of nation. Renowned Astrologer Pt. One is doing so aggressively and the other is trying to be passively active of late.

An Astrological Analysis By Anil Kumar Jain “Narendra Modi will lead the nation again”

There are unique odd parallels between these two gentlemen. Rahul Gandhi belongs to the first family of this country.

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Starting from Jawaharlal Nehru it is still growing strong while Madam Gandhi is at the helm of affairs. To honour his extensive expertise, he has been awarded with many titles with various awards. Other than this, he was also awarded Gold Shield during Nakshatra held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, for his outstanding contribution in the field of Astrology. Furthermore, Bharat Nirman also titled him with the Bhaskar Award on Nov 22, , for his outstanding performance in the field of Astrology.

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Dubai-Based Astrologer Predicts Win For Narendra Modi

Sports Magazine. Youth : Life Style. Previous story: GoAir launches 28 additional flights. Click here to cancel reply. Related News Need to develop Indian e-commerce.. His appearances in public have demonstrated how well prepared he always is.

He speaks his mind and is highly critical of every single aspect that does not go in accordance with his line of thought. The strong influence of Jupiter, weakness of Saturn and Mercury due to combustion and operation of Saturn Mahadasa at the time of birth resulted into birth in middle class family.

And, Narendra Modi had to struggle a lot in his life. In fact, he seldom remains away from being opposed; and every time Narendra Modi succeeded in overcoming the challenges. For success in politics, the strength of third and sixth houses are very prominent.

In politics, one has to get over his opponent to prove his point which results in victory. Yogakaraka Saturn and Venus both are casting their auspicious aspect over Jupiter; making Jupiter extremely strong. The sixth house is occupied by Rahu, which is also a very favorable disposition of Rahu for victory over enemies; and Mercury and Sun are having their aspect over sixth house. Therefore, it is the strength of third and sixth houses along with Jupiter which made it possible for Narendra Modi to achieve uninterrupted victories in his political career. Modi has the lord of 2nd speech and voice house is occupied by Mars and debilitated Moon.

The signification for Second and Seventh houses Mars is placed in its own zodiac sign Scorpio and tenth lord Moon joins there in its debilitation sign.

Narendra Modi Horoscope Analysis (greatest leader of India ?) |

One cannot win Narendra Modi by force or argument or by opposing him till he continues to follow the traits of Jupiter. He speaks very carefully yet dominantly, he is a strong believer in cultural ethics. Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujrat on 7 October and was elected for third time in continuation on 23 December And, as it had to be — it was a very challenging task for Narendra Modi.

The economy of Gujarat was reeling under the adverse effects of several natural calamities, including a massive earthquake in January A closer analysis of his life will reveal that he is a disciplinarian and has worked methodically his way up the political ladder.