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Anyone who supports the authentic you will stay, and anyone who doesn't? They're out. In other news, will bring interesting developments in finances. With Jupiter moving through your 8th House of Other People's Money until December 2, you might experience a surge in funds through royalties, commissions, passive income structures, or even an inheritance. Be careful not to spend it on an unrealistic dream though.

You're typically so good with money, but with Jupiter square Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September 21, you might be disappointed in an investment or sink way too much money into something or someone you believe in. If you have a strong message you want to broadcast to others, this is your year. Saturn in your 9th House of Philosophy encourages you to build a solid foundation around your beliefs as well as to convey your wisdom with absolute authority. On January 31, June 18, and November 8, Saturn will make a harmonious link to Neptune in your 11th House of Groups, encouraging you to take a multimedia-communications venture to the next level.

Moon in Taurus Horoscope (All about Taurus Moon zodiac sign)

You might also teach what you know to large groups of people in another way. There are many options to spread your wisdom, and your friends and social networks will support you. January 5, July 2, July 16, and December 26 are eclipse dates to note. As her proxy, he becomes a force of sexuality, fertility, and ferocity. Ritual sacrifice and ceremonial burials of bulls were common in ancient Egypt.

We can get a better understanding of why by looking at the mythology of the bull-god Apis. Originally a fertility or agricultural deity, Apis is one of the earliest deities in Egyptian history. He was a servant of Ptah, the God of Creation.

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According to mythology, Ptah chose Apis to act as his emissary because of his courage, strength, and tenacity. But unlike Gugalanna, who simply acted on behalf of the Sumerian gods, Apis was considered an actual manifestation of Ptah. In later years, Apis become an aspect of Osiris, who in mythology was sacrificed, ruled the underworld, and was resurrected. He was associated with kind justice, love, youthfulness, and tranquility. Osiris was also closely associated with the annual flooding of the Nile, and thus the regeneration of life and fertility.

As a manifestation of Osiris, Apis takes on these qualities as well. We can clearly see the similarities between the Sumerian Gugalanna and the Egyptian Apis in the following: their association with superior creative and judicial deities; their ruler-ship of the underworld; their divine sacrifice; and their associations with fertility, love, youthfulness, and power.

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Ancient cattle were very different from the domestic animal most people in the west are familiar with today. Ancient breeds were huge beasts with glorious horns that kings and gods alike donned as a symbol of power and majesty. These magnificent animals were first domesticated for their ability to pull plows, followed by their ability to produce milk and meat. When you make a romantic friend, you've got an uninhibited sensuality, and love to be outdoors.

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The Taurus teen is reserved in some ways, but also very open and matter-of-fact about sensual togetherness. You could enjoy giving and receiving massages, and other innocent pleasures. Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. For you, being with someone you're drawn to is a whole body experience. And so is art or craft making, building, cooking, baking, dancing, singing or designing habitats.

Some Taurus teens show early gifts in math and science, which can be a foundation for careers in engineering, architecture, medicine, commerce or landscaping design to name a few.

Wherever your interests draw you, you do enjoy crafting things with your hands - perhaps you'll join the farming revolution! As an artisan, you've got the ability to master the form, as well as the concepts, and over time, this leads to becoming very good at what you do.

TAURUS— THE BULL: Meanings and Symbolism

You are consistent with work, but your enjoyment of simple pleasures gives you a notable sloth streak. Your strong, stocky build can balloon out to roundness, if you're not alert to diet and the need to keep moving exercise. If you've become a couch potato, fight inertia with the determination of the Bull - turn off that TV and take an active role in shaping your life. The Taurus teen has a great capacity to create, but will have to overcome the stagnation and passivity that's encouraged in the culture. The extremes of this leads to Taurus-style depression.

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The Taurus teen shows an interest in what goes on in the kitchen. You love learning about spices, and can develop a sophisticated palate early on. Your interest can lead to having a kitchen garden, and harvesting herbs and vegetables for your own creations.

You're a lover of stability and can have a hard time when there's chaos in the household. This can cause you to go deep within yourself, and grow some pretty solid defenses. One way to find stability is to set your sights on a goal, and spend time each day working toward it. In the tropical system, based on the Earth-Sun relationship, the time of Sun into sign Taurus is deepening Spring, when all of nature gets juicy and luscious!